Assignment 1

To start off this assignment I was going to look at and start photographing nightlife, as this is something commonly associated with young people. However I needed to find a topic to do with youth culture that interested me.  My initial ideas were to start off looking at nightlife and then move on to look at young people as ‘people’ I wanted to look at all the difficulties young people face. However I have now chosen to focus only on pressures/ difficulties young people face.

This week I have been looking at I-D magazine as I think that it has been very influential to youth culture. When ID started out, Terry Jones (creative director and publisher of I-D) wanted it to document ‘real people wearing real clothes’ [1] (Terry Jones, 2001, page 9) and from this idea ID was created.  Now street style photography is becoming increasingly popular – on many blogs, websites and magazines we see pages of street style images.


images from

From looking at ID and its history I have been inspired by Steve Johnston’s (photographer for ID) street style photography. When looking through the book ‘Smile –i-D’ I noticed that most of the street style images were of young people and that each subject photographed would be asked questions – alongside most of the street style images was a quote.

So I have decided to do something similar – I want to start this assignment off by photographing young people and then ask them a question about themselves. I hope to highlight that appearances can be deceiving so we shouldn’t judge people based on appearance.

After taking these images I want to look at how young people feel pressure to hide the challenges they face – I hope to find ten subjects to photograph of a similar age range and ask them questions about their lives – these images will hopefully be presented alongside a quote from the subject about their lives.

I want my photographs to be full length (similar to the early street style images in ID) and I hope that the quote will be something that contrasts with their appearance.

These final ten subjects will be people I am familiar with as it would be difficult to get truthful answers from someone who I do not know very well. The questions I ask them will focus on pressures in society and difficult circumstances that the subject has faced.

Below are a list of photographers that I will research to support my project:

Corinne Day

Yougo Jeberg

Elaine Constantine

Steve Johnston

[1] Terry Jones, 2001, Smile – iD, page 9


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