Lecture: Witness for the defence

The first lecture was titled ‘witness for the defence’ we were introduced to the blogs and were told what we were expected to post onto the blog. Our blogs will work as a way for recording the progression of our work and our research and ideas. Using a blog is new to me, as I am used to using sketchbooks so this lecture was helpful as it gave me an idea of what my blog should include. We listened to three radio interview and were able to hear how different they were – the more knowledge we have on a subject the better we can describe it, as we were able to hear in the interviews, the interviewer in each recording would ask questions that the target audience would want to know. One interview focuses on promoting the celebrity, another looked more at music in more detail as well as promoting the artists album, and the last recording (of Bob Harris) showed that the interviewer had alot of knowledge about what he was talking about and as well as asking question, he could also talk in depth about music, comparing the musician to others and he talked more in depth about the skill and style of music.


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