Voice recordings and Primary Research

As my project was focused on pressure, my initial idea was to focus on the pressures that have affected those in my own social group –  these pressures were things such as body image, sexuality, family problems and illness. I had recorded three of the subjects discussing the pressures they had faced growing up but some of the issues that I was thinking of discussing with other people were very sensitive and I didn’t think it would be fair to bring up these subjects on a recording as they are very personal.

So instead I chose to produce a questionnaire and had it out to as many people as possible. I gave my questionnaire to a total of 20 people, I managed to get as many males as female to answer the questionnaire, the results of this questionnaire will change the approach I have to my project as I want to know if males feel more pressures from society than females, or vice versa.

The questions that I asked are shown below:

Do you think young people receive a lot of pressure from the media?

YES – 20

NO – 0

Do you think the media represents young people truthfully?

YES – 0

NO – 20

Do you think that young people receive a lot of pressure from society?

YES – 19

NO – 1

Do you feel that you have received a lot of pressure from society?

YES – 11

NO – 9

If yes, how have these pressure affected your life?

Most common answer – ‘ I am more self conscious because of pressures in society, I feel like people are judging me when the look at me’

‘I guess pressure from society has made me quite obsessed with my image, I want people to take me seriously and I think that if you don’t look good or if you aren’t well presented that wont happen’.

Do you feel pressure to look a certain way?

YES – 12

No – 8

Which gender do you think receives the most pressure from society?



BOTH – 0

My results have shown me that interestingly more females that males feel pressure to look good, and when asking both females and males who do they think receives more pressure, nearly all answered that females receive more pressure. More females answered yes to the question ‘do you feel pressure to look a certain way?’. From looking at these results I have decided to focus my project on females in relation to youth culture.


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