‘Greater that the whole’

This week we were set the task to photograph a structure, we were told to photograph the structure in more than one shot, this would allow us to look at the details of the specific structure and look at how a structure can be represented in a variety of ways. For this task we had to shoot on film – I used a Mamiya 7ii (medium format camera) which I had initially found quite challenging to use, as the number of shots was limited I had to think carefully about what I wanted to photograph. I had chose to photograph a church as I liked the structure of the building and its surroundings – I also felt that this structure could not be presented in just one image as it was a large structure and there was a lot to focus on. I liked the small details around the building as I felt that the buildings surroundings also represented the structure even though it was not technically a part of it. I wanted to take one image of the front of the building – as that is what our eyes would be drawn to at first glance, and then I wanted to photograph what was around the building – the things that we wouldn’t really notice.  When taking images with the Mamiya 7ii, there was a lot more to consider compared to using a digital camera – I needed to make sure the camera was focused correctly and I used a light meter to ……

When shooting I found that I took too many images – I had only seen half of the building and was out of film, although I felt that the images I had taken captured the structure well I think that next time I am shooting with film I need to be more aware of my surroundings and take my time when shooting.

Later in the week we were shown how to process and develop our film/make contact sheets – at first I found it difficult to take everything in as it seemed very complicated, and it took me a while to get used to using the enlarger. Below are some of my prints from the greater than the whole task.


1 2 1 Scan 2





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