Youth Culture

Throughout this project I have tried to look at different ways that youth culture is presented in the media – from researching different photographers we can see the innocence, insecurity and mischievousness of youth culture. But are these images honest? Have they glamourised and dramatised youth in any way? Looking back on previous posts I have notices that my research all shows young people being careless/ mischievous or rebellious. This makes me question whether this is an honest representation or an obvious/ conventional one.

My initial aims for this project were to focus on presenting youth culture in a way which I thought was truthful, but when capturing my own images I realised how difficult this was; I had though that my showing young people looking careless and happy a viewer would question the image as my project is about the pressure young people go through. I did not want to illustrate the pressures that young people face within my image as I thought that this would be too literal and I wanted the subject to be the main focus not the problem they have faced.

I had the idea to record the subjects I had chosen to focus on discussing the pressures they have dealt with but I slowly became put off by this idea.

From Fridays lecture I have started to think more about what I want my images to communicate about youth culture. My project focuses on pressure but I am unsure about how to present this in my images – for my final outcome I had hoped to have 10 images (one of each subject) and each image would present the subjects in a way which I felt was truthful to their personality – but I have slowly come to realise that I don’t think just one image will represent the subject truthfully –  I no longer feel that I should present young people as carefree and happy as no one is like this all the time. I think that growing up is difficult, young people are insecure, curious, careless but incredibly self aware – there are a variety of contrasting emotions and issues that young people deal with so I think that it would be better for me to show youth in a way that I believe is honest – I want to present the diversity of youth and the mixture of emotions one person can experience, and I also want to explore the ways that a different image of the same person can give a viewer a different opinion of them.  

I don’t think that one person can be described in one word – so I don’t think I should represent a person in just one image. So I have decided to focus on just four to six subjects and present each subject in two/ three photographs and I want each image to show the different sides to their personality.


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