Shooting final images

When shooting my final images I had decided to use a 35mm Pentax camera, I had chose this camera over a medium format camera as I knew that I wanted to take at least five shots of each subject and using the 35mm I would be able to take all the shots I needed. Also from using both the medium format and 35mm camera I found the 35mm camera more convenient and was more pleased with the end results from the 35mm camera.

When shooting my final images I had to make sure that the composition of the image was correct, for each subject I wanted to take five images – one would be the subject posed, one less posed, one shot where the subject was looking down at the lens,  a long shot, and finally a shot where the camera is very close to the subject so that it looks almost like a ‘selfie’ which would relate to how people view young people as self obsessed.

When taking these shots I had to be very careful that the framing was correct as I was restricting myself to only shots per person, doing this made me focus more as I needed the shot to be perfect.

As the project focuses on youth culture I needed and equal mix of genders, ages and culture – so I had to chose my subjects carefully, my only worry is that I have photographed more females than males. I wanted the images to be simple and the main focus to be on the subject so I chose to shoot against a white wall (where I have photographed my test shots).


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