35mm contact sheets

When I started off making 35mm contact sheets I found it very difficult so these first few examples are quite bad, I found that the exposure time was right for a few images on each contact sheet but others looked very bleached out – when trying to make contact sheets for my final images my results were a little more successful.


1 12 1 13

Below are the contact sheets for my final images – I have tried to zoom into some of them to show the scratches on the images that were visible as soon as I took my film from the processor – as this had not happened to my negatives before I was a little under prepared. My initial response was to try crop out some of the scratches as I did not want to lose images that I needed. I understand that if I had taken my final shots earlier I would have had time to re-shoot, so my time management skills are to blame. In future I will not leave shooting so last minute as I did not intend on this damage happening. As I have spent so much time trying to work out ways to crop out scratched, the printing process for my final images has been slightly delayed and the day of handing in my assignment I still have one last image to print.

1 19

1 20 1 221 24


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