151mc: Sketchbook task B

My initial idea for Assignment One, is to focus on the topic ‘ Ownership and Property’. I want to look specifically at why it is important for people to ‘own’ things. I will look at/ base my images on people who collect specific things, hoarders, high street shoppers and emotional buyers. I think that today we live in a massively materialistic society so what and how much we own can shape the views people have on each other. This may make people feel like they need to own more than the people they socialise with, but I think that this make us greedy and we own more things that we need. I want my project to focus on the reasons people buy things they don’t need/ keep and collect things that they can live without. I want to look at the psychological reasons behind people feeling emotionally attached to what they own.

I think that hoarding and emotional buying is something that a lot of people will be able to relate to so my audience would be males and females aged 15 and over. I want to look at the positive and negative sides of owning to much – how does spending money unnecessarily affect people’s lives? I want to find out whether hoarders see owning too much as a problem. Whether buying things really does make people feel better about themselves and why people think that shopping could help them when they are stressed or upset.

One way of illustrating the affects of emotional buying could be to photograph a person before, during and after they make a purchase. I could also photograph people’s collections and find out what their belongings mean to them.


2 thoughts on “151mc: Sketchbook task B

  1. i love the idea ! reminds me of the way ariel collects human objects in the little mermaid :’) you should research into different articles of people who obsess over owning collections – i’ve seen a few TV programmes in the past where they focus on people who obsess with materialistic objects – you could even reference the copper horses exhibition we looked at on Tuesday 🙂

  2. I really like the concept, it seems interesting and can be explored locally too, and with a variety of different people. I think you could also focus a bit on the emotional attachment to belongings and the sentimental meaning of things, delving into people’s stories and the history behind an object. I look forward to seeing how it all develops! 🙂

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