151mc – Sketchbook task C

I found this article interesting as it looks at how the title ‘digital native’ can put pressure on younger people to use new technology creating ‘digital outcasts’. Assuming that all young people are digital natives alienates young people who don’t use technology or social media sites. I think that the media is putting pressure on young people to keep up to date with new technology, which is why most young people feel the need to conform to what their peers are doing. So I think that there is pressure to be up to date with social media – social groups now use sites like facebook to keep in touch so a person can feel like an outcast if they do not have a facebook account.

I think that those in the digital age feel like they have to be a digital native to be accepted, if they do not keep up to date with new technology then they become an outcast.


I think that this article goes into depth about the term digital native, but also looks at how countries are being bombarded with technology.  Making people feel like they have to use the new forms of technology that they are presented with.


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