Lecture 2 – Amateur vs Professional

As assignment one is to create a photobook the images will need to relate to one another and present my concept clearly. This is something I struggled to do last term, this week we had a lecture titled ‘Amateur vs Professional’, it was mentioned that an amateur photographer may be able to produce visually pleasing images but these images do not communicate meaning to a viewer as there is no clear concept, which I feel has been the case with my own work last term.

The lecture made me think more constructively about my own work and how I can make my images better, so I am more aware of the importance of a good concept/ theme for images. The lecture has also made me think about the audience that I want to target my images to – I felt that last terms final outcome was confusing for a viewer and had no specific audience. As the outcome for assignment one will be photobook I will need to think about my audience when making images, but first I need to think about my concept. So far I am struggling to think of an idea as I am not sure of what topic to focus on, none of them really appeal to my interests. At the moment I have decided to focus on the topic ownership and property as I want to look at the reasons behind why we feel the need to own things. From this I will need to brainstorm ideas and work out a way to communicate my concept through my images – but first I will need to think of a clear concept to base my images on. Last term I think that I did not think enough about my concept which made my images lack meaning, so this term I will focus on making my concept more understandable.


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