151mc – Sketchbook Task A: Read and Reflect

‘Digital’ immigrant and ‘digital native’ discourses by Sian Bayne and Jen Ross

The paper ‘Digital Native’ and ‘Digital Immigrant’ discourses discussed how teaching methods have changed because of the labels ‘Digital Native’ and ‘Digital Immigrant’. It looks at how todays so called digital natives have grown up in an age where they no nothing other than technology, they are so dependant on technology that without it they would struggle to learn, work and communicate. The paper discusses the idea that because teachers believe that the younger generation are so used to technology they know nothing else. It suggests that a teacher feels pressure to be up to date with technology so that they are ‘hireable’ and so that they relate to their students and their preferred style of learning.  It states that teaching styles have changed to suit the needs of the digital native. However it criticises this idea, as not all young people are used to technology, so creating a teaching style to suit the digital native may not be the best way to teach. It suggests that technology is overused and that teachers who are not as ‘technologically able’ as their students feel pressure to keep teaching in a modern style. I agree with what the paper is trying to say, the term digital native and digital immigrant are dated. Just because technology is accessible it doesn’t mean that we should rely on it for everything. I think there should be a balance in learning styles where 50% of teaching is technology based because this gives students more of a variety. Not every young person is a digital native and if all teaching was technology based it may cause confusion, stress and pressure to keep up to date with technology.



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