Analysing Images – Mert and Marcus

This image is part of a series of black and white images featured in Vogue Paris shot by fashion photographers Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott. This fashion/editorial image shows off the garment and the model, Kate Moss is a high profile model so the light would need to be focused on her face so that she can be clearly seen. The image has a dark romantic feel, the styling is very feminine and the dark and light colours contrast well with one another. The image is very cleverly set up – the models hair and make up is dark, so ,to avoid her blending into the black background too much, white material is placed over her – ensuring that she is the main focus. The veil frames the model beautifully and the soft white colour of it contrasts with the embellishments on her dress, drawing the viewers attention to the beautiful detail on the dress.

The light comes from the right side highlighting the models face and arms, this also allows us to see clearly behind the transparent material placed over the model. By placing the material over the model I think the image looks more unusual and we are instantly drawn to the to the beautiful dress the model wears. Our eyes follow the creases in the material so that we are able to appreciate the garment on display – the creases in the veil compliment the pleats in the skirt of the dress.



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