152mc – Task 3 research

For the working with light module we have been assigned 4 tasks, task 3 is to take a 4 images that represent a person, two images must be of the person and two of objects that represent them. I have decided to photograph two of my friends, both are fashion students so image is very important to them. For inspiration on how I should approach this task I have looked at some fashion portraits by photographers who inspire me. I want to see how the images differ in terms of how a subject is represented. The first photographers work that I have looked at is Ellen Von Unwerth – these images show women as beautiful, elegant, feminine, strong and confident. I think in fashion photography today women are presented in so many different ways, fashion photography has moved on so much and there is no longer a common representation of women. As I am producing portraits of people known to me I want my images to communicate who my models are. I have decided to have one portrait that is very heavily styled and fashionable, I think this reflects my subject as fashion and image is hugely important to them. I want to look at the idea of costumes, a persona that someone puts on as a form of self expression. The first image will show how my subjects want to be presented (fashionable, beautiful, feminine and independent) focusing on how their ‘costume’ is important to them. The second portrait will be completely stripped back no make up or dramatic clothing, it will show my subjects as who they are behind the ‘costume’. During my shoot I will try not to direct my models so I can record how the clothing makes them feel. I know that they will feel more comfortable in the heavily styled outfit so their poses will be much different, they will try to pose in a more staged way. When all of the styling is taken away I hope to see a vulnerability in my models and I hope that the second image will show a softer side to them. Ellen Von Unwerth’s photographs below are my inspiration for the first portrait – I want classic fashion photography poses.



Ellen von Unwerth 2



Image Sources –






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