Final photograms

Below are the images that I have chosen to print as photograms for my final set, next to them are my final photograms. I wanted to add some individuality to the images of graffiti rather than just photographing these unknown artists’ works. So I decided to draw stencils to place over my images, this would illustrate how I have responded to the art left by other people. As the first image was quite simple, it focused only on the graffiti on the wall whereas the other images show the graffiti in some context so i wanted to keep the stencils I added quite minimal. In this first photogram I added white lines and netting, I wanted to show that people put a lot of time and care into graffiti but over time it will get damaged and fade, so the art will disappear and be forgotten. However as the graffiti is in a public place it will inspire people and it can be captured through a photograph, but the artist may never know about the people they have inspired.





I chose to use this second image as it is a different form of graffiti – while out searching for graffiti I found this street sign covered in stickers. Some of the characters on the stickers I had seen moments before spray painted onto a wall, so the graffiti artists must have made stickers of their artwork and placed it on this sign. My initial idea for my photogram of this image was to add something to the sign. I did find it quite difficult to add something to this image as in photograms anything placed on the white sections of an image will not show up. I decided to add a stencil of eyes onto this image as when taking the picture it felt like this sign was looking down on me. I also though that the shape of the sign would be perfect to scribble a face over.



This final image was my favourite it shows graffiti spray painted all over a building, I think it shows the extent some graffiti artists go to to make their presence known. It also shows how beautiful, creative and decorative street art can be, I felt like this was my most successful photogram – this may be because this graffiti inspired me the most. I chose to draw/ add a stencil of a man over my photogram as it symbolised onlookers of the artwork. I added some net material over the photogram to make it look more decorative.



Overall I think my photograms show how the graffiti has inspired me, during this project my idea has changed from photographing objects that people leave in public places to photographing artwork that people leave to mark their presence. I think that graffiti is a form of self expression – its the work of artists trying to make their presence know. It takes a huge amount of time and dedication to making art like in the image above and these unknown artists are an inspiration, but I feel that graffiti artists are often unappreciated.


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