250mc – Placing photographic practice into context

250MC Assignment brief
Site Specific personal project and critical analysis
Acknowledging that the paradigm for photography is shifting, and the future of traditional photographic careers are uncertain; this brief is deliberately broad to give you the opportunity to research and develop a body of work around
your own interests and negotiate your own personal response to the brief.Building on good photographic skills and previous experience, your task is to make a body of work that integrates your personal interests with a specific
map space in Coventry (a selection of which are attached on the moodle homepage). To help clarify your personal response, you are encouraged to research your site fully before you start your project. Consider using local, social and cultural
history, myths and/or the landscape/geography as starting points.Your project needs to be lens based but there is no restriction about what direction your assignment develops. It can be based on an individual idea or build on one of your class collaborations. However, it needs to be authored and original to you. Your presentation should be appropriate to the
assignment development.This assignment is a good opportunity to improve your research skills and deepen your practice. You are advised to use the flexibility of the open brief as an opportunity to explore your own photographic direction and investigate an area of photography that interests you. Accompanying your submission you are required to write a 1000 word critical analysis of your assignment. This should go beyond a descriptive account and reflect a good understanding of the context of where your work sits.

Earlier this week we were introduced to the new module ‘Placing Photographic Practice into Context’. The assignment brief for this module is very broad so each student can choose to base the project around their preferred genre of photography. This aspect I was very happy with, the brief will allow me to think creatively and produce work that is based on my interests, so straight away I know that my work will focus on fashion.  When reading over the assignment brief (above) I noticed that the project, in terms of location, focused on Coventry. As Coventry is my hometown I know a lot about the city and when looking over the 15 maps of possible locations I could clearly visualise each location. On one of these maps was one of my favourite places in Coventry – Allesley Park, I have used this location for photoshoots many times and I know that the location would be perfect for a fashion themed shoot. However as I want to challenge myself this year I have decided not to focus my work around Allesley Park as I know I would become ‘too comfortable’. To challenge myself I wanted to use a less aesthetically pleasing area, so immediately I was able to cross maps off the possible locations list. After much deliberating I chose to use map 13, which was focused on the West Orchard shopping centre. I chose to use this location because town it is the busiest place in Coventry and from spending so much time around the city centre I know a lot about what people think about it. Most people that I know, or even people I have overheard think that the city centre is ‘dull, grey and boring’ so I want to use this as my starting point. By choosing a location that is less ‘pretty’ I feel that I am challenging myself to think of an idea that will work with a location that I am not used to, or would ever usually consider as a fashion shoot location. Having now decided on the location I will use I need to research the history of the shopping centre and surrounding environment as well as looking into the fashion scene in Coventry.


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