250mc – Reflection: Approach to the site specific project.

Showstudios ugly project has really got me thinking about what ugly really is. To me the word ugly has always been a rude and unnecessary term – and I word I have never really used. This project has really challenged what I think about myself as a photographer. My initial, rather negative, response to the brief has left me quite considerably disappointed in myself. My reaction to a project about Coventry was negative because I have lived in Coventry my whole life and have visually found the city quite unappealing and boring. But why is the physical appearance of the city important? As a photographer I should have the ability to look beyond the appearance of a place or object and find a deeper meaning and a way to create a visually engaging image based around it. The physical appearance of something should not matter so much, at this moment I feel that I have focused far too much on creating something ‘pretty’. I have decided to look closer at Coventry because I know that I have judged the appearance of the city without taking a closer look. Throughout my research I have found that a subject considered ‘ugly’ is often used as inspiration and has been throughout history. Ugly has an attractive quality about it because it is unconventional – SHOWstudio’s project has shown me that only focusing only on what is beautiful is not the most effective way to start a project. To create work that stands out as different I need to look at a variety of sources and not be overly concerned with creating something typically beautiful.


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