250mc – Research: Another Magazine Fall/Winter 2012 Willy Vanderperre

Now that I have confirmed the location for my project and researched the history of the location, I need to look at the work of other photographers for inspiration and ideas. When looking through magazines stored in the library I came across this fashion spread in Another photographed by Will Vanderperre. What drew my attention was the unconventional location as well as the dramatic lighting. In these images casual everyday locations are used contrasting with the models high fashion outfits. I need to think of a way to make my images stand out and these images are a great inspiration – the strong and slightly dramatic poses really highlights the models silhouettes against the backgrounds and works well with the strong lighting. The composition in these images as a set is almost similar in the first three images the model is central and the shot allows us to see her whole body, showing off the clothes perfectly. The fourth image is also central but taken slightly closer and the lighting is much darker and more dramatic, when taking my own images the composition is crucial as I need to imitate the style of shot taken in fashion editorials. These images are good inspiration for composition as well as being visually striking they are also carefully considered and work well as a set – something that my own images must also do.


Another_Magazine_Fall_WInter2012_1 copy



Image source – http://wearesodroee.com/2012/09/30/another-magazine-fallwinter-2012-6/


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