250mc – Final Idea

When thinking of my final idea one thing I knew for certain was that I wanted my images to focus on the appearance of the location. I chose a location which I felt fit in to the stereotypical view of Coventry, a location which was seemingly dull, plain and neglected.  From this I looked closely at the area and have chosen to focus on the small details of the buildings, things that are often ignored, I have chosen base how I will style my models on the colours and textures of the buildings around me.This means that I am incorporating the environment into the styling, and using something considered to be ‘ugly’ and dull to create something visually appealing. This idea was influenced heavily by the SHOWstudio’s ‘Ugly’ project and the Q and A’s I had carried out a few weeks ago. The answers from my Q and A’s informed me that people felt that Coventry was not a place that is fashionable or creative because there is no visual inspiration, this is something that I had also felt. Working from this I decided that I needed to look closer at my location and find some form of inspiration, which I found from the buildings around me. The texture of the walls of each building, the different colours and the way the light hit the buildings has inspired me to style my models in a way that matches these old worn down buildings, but still keeping the styling modern.

Below are some examples of what I will use to inspire the styling of my final images:

DSC_0182 copy

IMGP5768 copy


IMG_0879 copy


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