250MC – Research: 90’s Grunge Icons

As I have chosen to focus on fashion in the 90’s, more specifically grunge fashion, I have began to research grunge style icons in that decade. I have done this so that I have a clear idea about the history or grunge fashion and the people who influenced style in the 90’s. When researching the grunge fashion movement the same few names kept cropping up, Winona Ryder, Kate Moss, Courtney Love and Kurt Kobain. I have decided to gather as much information about each of these individuals styles so that I can gain some visual inspiration and understanding of 90’s fashion. Each of these 90’s icons grunge style is different, it ranges from tough looking and androgynous to subtly glamorous and feminine. From looking at these images I can see that they look very similar to the modern trends of today, so it is clear to see that the grunge trend is highly influential to fashion and personal style. As I want my images to reflect modern grunge I will also look at todays grunge icons and see how they differ to the icons of the 90’s. I will also need to carry out some more in depth research into 90’s fashion, and 90’s fashion photography.

90’s grunge style icons –

Winona Ryder



Images from:




Kate Moss




Images – http://grungemummy.blogspot.co.uk/2013/12/style-icon-90s-kate-moss.html



Courtney Love and Kurt Kobain



Images – http://www.grungelife.com/




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