250mc – layout and composition inspiration: iMUTE magazine webtorial ‘The Little Moment’ ny Kirk Cheung

As I am creating an editorial/ fashion spread I realised that I would need to think of a clean, authentic and aesthetically pleasing layout to accompany my images. Before my mid-term presentation I had experimented with potential layouts (below), I feel that the layouts highlight the importance the location had on my ideas – the whole of the style was inspired by the location so as well as fashion shots, I want to incorporate images of the location into the layouts in some way. I came across this webtorial while searching for creative layouts, iMute is an online fashion magazine which allows aspiring artists to submit work for upcoming issues, the magazine site is full of creative and inspiring images that without iMute may not have got as much exposure. ‘The Little Moment’ editorial has a strongly considered the styling, layout, colour and location. This editorial has a subtly dark and mysterious atmosphere, the layout does not draw attention away from this, the framing outlines the dark clothing and the models hair it works with the images well.The layout has been presented so uniquely that the editorial immediately caught my attention. In this layout colour filters are used very creatively –  a purple filter is used in a frame over one image to separate the pages and ensures that the two facing images do not blend together. Each page of this editorial has been carefully considered and uses a different design on each page – this is something I also want to do.

One thing that worries me is that this editorial has a consistent colour scheme, the location and outfits are all black, green or blue – making the images work incredibly well as a set and also giving the editorial a very clean and organised feel. As my styling was specific to the different building in my chosen location I do not have a specific colour scheme. Looking at this editorial has made me think about the colours I will use in my layout. The editorial is very experimental with layout but the results are effective, I am worried that my own results will not look professional or authentic. To avoid this problem I will need to plan a range of possible layouts to find out which one is the most effective.


The-Little-Moment-webitorial-for-iMute-Magazine5 The-Little-Moment-webitorial-for-iMute-Magazine6 The-Little-Moment-webitorial-for-iMute-Magazine4 The-Little-Moment-webitorial-for-iMute-Magazine3 The-Little-Moment-webitorial-for-iMute-Magazine2 The-Little-Moment-webitorial-for-iMute-Magazine1

Image source – http://imutemagazine.com/the-little-moment-webitorial-imute-magazine/


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