251mc – Research: Matilde Travassos

For inspiration I have chosen to focus on fashion editorials where being childlike is seen as fashionable. In this editorial ‘The Childlike Empress’ the styling is not childlike but the models expressions and poses give off a slightly childlike vibe. In the images below the model appears wide-eyed and slightly confused. Her poses make her seem fragile and slightly unstable, I felt that this editorial offered a different take on portraying childlike innocence. In these images the model appears scared, tired, angry and slightly fed up – she displays the unpredictable moods of a young girl, here the expressions and poses are not sexualised they just contrast with the glamorous styling. However it could be argued that making the model appear childlike through pose and expression and having her styled in a slightly adult way could be trying to glamourize acting childlike and making it seem like something that is attractive. This fits in with Henry Giroux’s points made in America on the Edge, in which he states that older women are pressured by the media to act young, giving off the impression that acting young is desirable.






Image source – http://coutequecoute.blogspot.co.uk/2010/08/new-wave-womens-editorial-childlike.html


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