251mc – Sketchbook Task 2: Conversations as record and stimuli

The second sketchbook task was based around the lecture topic of conversations, we were assigned to approach a stranger and record the conversation we had with them. From this conversation we were then told to create a set of images based around the subject we had discussed with the stranger we approached. My conversation was at a bus stop with a woman about poor vision. As this conversation was unplanned I had no time to record the conversation. However I used the topic of bad vision to inform the direction of the images I was to create. When creating the images I though about how I could capture what my vision is like but in a more exaggerated way. I used a slow shutter speed to photograph parts of what I see in the morning shown in the three images below. I wanted to communicate what having bad vision can be like and how it create a slightly distorted view of the world. I also wanted to show how this slightly distorted view can be visually interesting. During the feedback session for this weekly task it was suggested that the first two images (below) worked better together as they had a similar colour palate whereas the third image, taken outdoors, looks slightly out of place.





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