251mc – Sketchbook task 3

The third weekly task assigned was to photograph the space between ourselves and a person we share a relationship with. I have chosen to photograph the relationship I have with a friend, who has recently moved away. My idea for the images was for my friend and I to photograph our daily lives/ routines. I want to show the difference in location and scenery and also the connection my friend and I still have as we still view the world, photograph scenes and spend our days in similar ways. In the image sets below I have placed the images I have taken next to the images my friend has taken to highlight the similarities in terms of content. The images I have taken are shown in black and white, as the colour palette of my images consisted mostly of blacks and greys to begin with. The images my friend has taken are shown in colour because her surroundings are much brighter than mine, I also think that the colour images represent her personality as she is very optimistic and happy. I feel that the black and white images represent the way I feel often feel, which is slightly disconnected to my surroundings.



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