251mc: Sketchbook task 4

For the final sketchbook task we were assigned to look at the ways in which a person interacts with their surroundings/ environment. At first I struggled to grasp what exactly I could photograph, but then I began to look at human presence as that was what the task was focused on. For my images I looked closer at how I interact with objects around me and looked for signs or things I leave behind to show I was there. I wanted to focus on prints, we leave our fingerprints on everything we touch but we often don’t acknowledge this idea of leaving traces of ourselves everywhere. My images show the prints I leave on things around me, the images aimed to create an atmosphere of isolation as these prints are made and then abandoned and forgotten about.  The framing of the images allow a viewer to be able to focus on the prints and objects as I have cropped out surroundings that may have distracted a viewer. I feel that the images achieve what I was hoping and the theme of isolation is clear through the framing and the soft blue hue in each image.




D copy


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