251mc: Final Presentation

When collecting my final prints I became more aware that the images from my second shoot just didn’t fit in. The images from my second shoot looked like they belonged to another project and did not really relate to the images from my first shoot. I had made the decision to further edit out images from my final set. I find that my weakness is my inability to choose images that work well as a set. I tend to chose images I prefer the look of rather than images that work well together. Although I did want to use some of the images from my second shoot I felt that they made my project seem confusing and this is something I wanted to avoid. The screenshots of messages and images from shoot one work well on their own so I chose to keep them in my final set.

The brief for this module requires me to hand in an exhibition ready piece so I had planned to mount the background I had created and have frames prints alongside it. In an exhibition the prints would be placed on top of the background. However as I has my background (which was supposed to act as a wallpaper) printed on polypropylene paper I felt that it did not need to be mounted. If I were to place my work in an exhibition space I would stick the background print directly onto a wall, so I felt using a mount board would be unnecessary.  Another change in presentation was that I no longer feel the need to frame my final prints. I want my final image layout to look slightly like a tumblr blog so my images needed to be fairly flat. I felt that frames would interfere too much with the background an having mounted prints placed directly onto the background seemed to be the best option. When submitting my work I will include a layout which will illustrate how my prints will fit onto the background. This layout can be seen in the image below, my background has been printed A0 as it would act as a wallpaper to place my prints over. If I were to reprint I would want my background to be slightly larger than A0, so that the prints had more space between them and so the background image was not covered too much.


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