251mc: Project Evaluation

My final outcome for this project I consider to be the start of an on-going project, there are still many ways that I want to present the nymphet community but this may take a more documentary approach. At the beginning of this project I wanted to explore tumblr subcultures, from doing this I had immediately found the nymphet community. Most of the other communities on tumblr were trend based, and more mainstream. The nymphet community however was something I has never heard of and became extremely intrigued by. When looking through the blogs I became increasingly shocked. I knew that I wanted the images I was to create to show the disturbing nature of the community, which was masked behind childlike imagery. From looking at the nymphet community closer I began to look at reasons why a young girl would chose to sexualise her innocence and youth. I looked into possible media influences and found that most of the content from nymphet blogs were from films (like Pretty Baby or Lolita) and fashion spreads/magazines. I then began to looks at how youth is fetishised in the media. I did reach a point in my project where I began to confuse my ideas; I began to drift away from looking into the nymphet community and edge more to the media representation of young girls. This had made me want to create images that question the media’s representation of young girls – my second shoot showed my model styled to fit into the nymphet community but posed to look angry and confrontational. After doing this shoot I began to see that my ideas had become too confused and my work was starting to lose its original meaning. This problem was solved by not including the images from my second shoot into my final set of images. My initial idea was to show a series of images inspired by nymphet aesthetics, alongside these images would be a series of screenshots showing the darker nature of the nymphet community. The visuals for my final piece were inspired by nymphet blogs, I created a wallpaper full of avatars from nymphet blogs which I had made to look like a collage. I had chose not to perfectly align the images in my background image because I did not want my layout to look too neat. This was because nymphet blogs are quite random and unpredictable in terms of content, they are not perfectly organised, so I did not want my final layout to be too tidy.  There is a slight blur in my final screenshots which I had chose not to reprint, because the slightly pixelated text gave the affect of looking into a computer screen which worked with my theme.

Overall my final images attempt to introduce a viewer to the nymphet community, I wanted a viewer to be able see the different sides to the community – its pretty, pink and childlike surface and its sinister, unsettling side. I hope to continue with this project by talking to members of the nymphet community and obtaining the views of non-nymphets. There seems to be a very negative response from people outside of the nymphet community so I would like to find out what people thing about the idea of nymphets. Also I hope to look at the men on tumblr who contact nymphet blog owners. Having recently looked at a blog of a tumblr users who frequently compliments nymphets I was slightly disturbed at what I found. I want to focus my attention on why tumblr allow these blogs to exist.


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