366mc: Independent Research: The Portrayal of Female Identity in International Film.

Project Overview 

The focus point of the independent project I will undertake is the depiction of female identity in international films. Western films are continuously analysed for their depiction of groups in society and their negative influence on the ideologies of mass audiences. However international films appear to be overlooked when the influence films have on ideologies is discussed. International films are not promoted or distributed in Western society meaning that their creativity can often go unnoticed. Hollywood often produce remakes of international films, meaning that cultural symbolism gets lost and films lose their original ‘identity’. For some the only information received on the behaviours of those of another culture or religion is what they view on the television. This is massively misleading as many American films do not represent other cultures fairly.The film industry has a huge impact on how people view groups in society such as men, women, teenagers, people from other countries, religions and economic backgrounds.

The representation of women in film is a widely discussed topic but the films discussed in relation to this matter are quite often American. In this project my aim is to explore how women are portrayed in film globally, focusing specifically on the horror genre I will explore the similarities and differences in the representation of female characters.




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