366mc: Audience and Presentation

366mc: Audience and Presentation 

When thinking of my audience I have found it quite difficult to work out who my work would interest. My main audience would be people who are interested in film, which can be people of all ages. The intension for my project was to highlight the similarities and differences of the representation of women in horror films across the globe. International films gain very little recognition despite having a huge influence on Western film (Asian films are constantly remade in Hollywood). My audience would need to be people who have an understanding of horror film, as without having some knowledge on the horror genre my images would be very difficult to understand. The final set of images I have produced may be hard to read, which is why the decision to add the film title, character name and county of origin can be seen under each image. The addition of the text should encourage horror film fans to look up the films mentioned and hopefully watch them, I believe international horror films are underrated and people do not think of the influence they have had on western cinema. My project aims to promote non-western films to horror film fans. My thoughts on who my target audience would be has changed throughout this project, before the midterm reviews I had not though about my audience much and had made the decision to target non horror film fans to get people interested in the genre. However after obtaining feedback I began to understand the importance of considering the audience before creating images. It also became clear that people who knew little about the horror genre would be confused by my work and why I have chosen to focus on the representation of women in horror film. The horror genre is somewhat niche, many people do not understand or enjoy horror films so targeting non-horror film fans seemed unnecessary as they may not be able to fully connect to or understand the images. Once I had decided who my audience were the style of my images changed quite considerably. I began to think more about how I could link my images to the horror genre and this resulted in a much darker and slightly unsettling set of images that were more relevant to the genre I was representing. 

My images will be hypothetically presented in an independent cinema, they would need to be presented alongside one another for the viewer to understand what the images are of and how they link to one another. The images could also be presented in an exhibition, however I feel they would need short summaries next to each single image giving information on the character and film. The final set of images would be best suited to being presented in a cinema as it would be a place where individuals in my target audience are more likely to be. The layout of my images needed to be relatively simple; they will be shown in one straight line with an even amount of spacing. Originally I wanted my images to be mounted on foam board and printed on a matte finish paper to resemble a vintage film poster. However my images will look more suited to a cinema setting if they are in a simple frame with the glass removed.



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